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Stay with me I request of you

Tarry a while in the comfort of my voice

Enjoy the love notes that pour from syllables

Of words meant only to ease and please

Remember with me for a time

Of the olden days of hope

When life was but a dream

Fantasies a plenty of our tomorrows

Embrace me with long awaited turmoil

With I’ve missed this exclamation

Needed this synchronization of knowing

Died from the thirst of this fresh..quenching

Lay in my heart where your domain never closed

Stroke me with the tenderness that is you

For I have hardened from destruction replayed

You have the answer to my soul’s call

Be engaged in this long awaited moment

Obligations and responsibilities shelved for now

I don’t require promises made into reality

To stop breathing, and breath again in your presence

Yes, that is what I want, that will do.


Poem by Satin Kush | @satinkush

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